Learn How to ASK for effective recommendations!

Your LinkedIn profile is a history of your professional experiences and thus building both your credibility and authority with testimonials of your skills and expertise is an important component. This Guide To Asking For a Great Recommendation on LinkedIn gives you everything you need to gain recommendations that attract new customers.

Recommendations are important to your overall professional reputation. In this guide you will learn:

Where to begin the process of requesting a recommendation
How to ask for a LinkedIn recommendation
Examples of recommendation requests
When to accept and display your recommendations
Hiding amd unhiding recommendations
Visibility of recommendations on your profile


How many of us use review sites such as Google business, Yelp, Yahoo and more to share our feelings about an experience we had at a business?  LinkedIn recommendations are no different. If you want more referrals. more profile views and more business than gaining positive recommendations is a way to control your future business!